UDK – multiple instances and a dedicated server on one machine

Hi all,

I am currently working on a multi player tutorial for cooperative game play, and as such I need to work with instances of servers and UDK games.

So some simple tips if you want to run multiple instances of servers/clients, just use the commands below:

To create an instance of a dedicated server:

udk.exe server DM-Deck.udk?listen=true?bIsLanMatch=true

and if you are doing an “adhoc” or “peer to peer” type server, the following will work:

udk.exe DM-Deck.udk?ResX=640?ResY=480?listen=true?bIsLanMatch=true


and to create clients (I set the resolution to 640 x 480 to make the screens more manageable and reduce hardware strain allowing more instances)

udk.exe DM-Deck.udk?ResX=640?ResY=480


and finally, to open a connection to the server (either one) from the client, just open a console prompt (tab/tidle) and type:


I hope this helps!



  1. jgg

    Hi! I am also developing a networked cooperative game, although I am still reading some documentation to get a grasp about how it works in UDK.

    However, my goal is to have a lobby menu where users can search for listening games (servers) and join them. Do you know how this should be done through Scaleform/UnrealScript? I mean, if you are going to search for listening games, where do you connect? Because you must search and join a game after launching the UDK.exe, so… how it works?

    Keep up the good work! I’ll wait for new updates on this!

    • Admin (Author)

      Hi JGG,

      Just a quick question, but are developing to release on steam, or externally, or for your own personal reasons?

      I am currently documenting what I am doing, when I’m doing it, and so I am planning on writing some more multi-player tutorials, but if you could be a little more specific with your requirements I will try and help you where I can!


  2. jgg

    We are a team of 3 programmers and 1 artist in an academic project for videogame design and development, so it is expected to be part of our portfolio, actually the first full project to be included =). Thus, it is not expected to be commercialized, as it is a whole exercise of game design and full development.

    We are just starting to make a navigable map with UDK, an integrated menu with Scaleform and playing around with cameras, pawns and controllers. As the game will be (I hope) a networked cooperative (2 players) third person shooter, we need to include networking support. One of the things that I was thinking about was about game joining and how it integrates with UDK as everything I’ve read regarding joining a server is done through the command prompt. So I would like to know if UDK allows to search and join networked games through the game menus instead of forcing it to connect when the game is launched. Moreover, as the game should also be playable in single player mode, I may not need to launch a server so, it makes no sense that it is launched every time I start the game, just when creating a lobby.

    However, thank you so much for your comments. They are really appreciated. And if you don’t want me to infest your blog with comments just tell me and I contact you by other means!

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