The 10 Day VR challenge

Hi All,

So after announcing rather unenthusiastically on Reddit, I’ve decided to make a VR game for the HTC Vive in ten days. Why? Partially because I want to see how easy it is to do VR development, partially because I haven’t made anything fun in a very long time, partially because I need to refresh with either Unity or Unreal Engine (or both, who knows), and partially because everyone keeps telling me it isn’t possible (Yeah, I’m a bit Marty McFly, so sue me).

So, what do I do in such a short space of time? How am I going to get this done? What are my rules? How is this feasible? What am I even going to do?


The Idea is not a Wave-Based VR game, I mean come on, there should be a separate category for this on Steam. Now, my game will have Zombies (albeit cool zombies, with cool stuff, you’ll see!) However I don’t want to do another endless shooter. Now, I’ve got ten days, and I’m missing one weekend this evening to go and watch my girlfriend perform in a musical, which really only gives me 9.5 days, and I intend on blogging throughout, so that’s also going to limit my time so how do I get as much content as possible with a great mechanic, in 9.5 days that isn’t a wave based shooter?

Simple, rogue-lite. (I know, I also hate the term, but better used the standard, lest be chastised on Reddit and lose glorious internet points)

So, that’s it, I’m a coder, I’m going to procedurally generate as much content as possible, with a generic end goal (although there will be an end goal), and try and make a working game.

Some nuances and constraints:

  1. I will be recycling some existing stuff that I’ve written, and if there is enough interest I’ll go into how it’s done at a later date.
  2. I will be using either Unity or Unreal Engine to reduce my time to market and to not have to code everything from scratch.
  3. I will leverage the asset stores, and take free or buy assets if I need to. I am not an artist, and I cannot draw! (I will include a diagram at a later date)
  4. I will design only for the HTC Vive, (sorry Oculus users, I have a Vive, depending on where this goes, I might have time to do an Oculus version.
  5. I will do everything else myself, unless people want to chime in with free stuff.
  6. There will be a story, of some kind. I don’t know how yet but there will be.

Okay, that’s it. Time to flesh out a GDD (Game Design Document – one pages) and pick an Engine.

This is going to be fun! :/

– H



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